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About our Covers

No matter how much you do to keep your most beloved instruments clean, dirt always finds a way inside.  Dust is everywhere and always present.  This buildup of dust and dirt can adversely affect the conductive connections of all your pots and faders, eventually making it impossible for them to function properly.


Why wait until that happens?  Protect all your prized instruments with our covers.  


We spent years of research to find the best materials to make beautiful and longest lasting covers.  Our concept has been to find the perfect blend of functionality and fashion, and integrate that into our products.  They are a testament of our passion and love for all instruments.  

Our covers are made with durable, stain resistant synthetic leather, giving it a super sleek and modern look.  We then use a layer of high quality, high-density foam padding with a soft nylon lining to help protect your instruments from all the bumps and scrapes that may occur along the way.  We incorporated a Velcro securable flap in the back so you can keep all your cables and power supplies connected to your instruments while it's covered. 


For the logos and fonts, we use vector-based graphics because it provides the sharpest images without any image degradation. They are digitally imprinted onto our covers using a method of UV printing, which results in providing only the finest details.  

We proudly make all of our custom covers exclusively here in Portugal, a country world-renowned for its textile industry.  We continually strive to improve our products to give you the best money can buy.  Please check back on our website as we continue to develop new models of covers.

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